We love wine.

A lively dialogue with nature, holistic and personal – that is how we live and love our wine, and that is how we have run our family winery in Strass for three generations. The past gifts us strength, grounding and valuable treasures for the wine shop. We plan the future together with our children Theresa and Pauli, who are already actively involved in the “family council” when it comes to which varieties to plant in the vineyard.

The “hard” facts?

We tend to and nurture 90,000 vines on 22 ha in the Kamptal wine-growing region. Our main focus is on white wine, completed by a small but fine selection of reds. The success of our estate, which has been rewarded by quality seals, but more importantly by the loyalty of customers from Vienna to Los Angeles, lies in its holistic, ecological principles.

The “soft” factors?

Hospitality, cheerfulness and down-to-earth passion are the lifeblood of our winery. We are satisfied when our wine reflects this; we are happy when our wine brings joy to others. Then our work becomes as much of an elixir as a drop of fine wine.

Taste the flavour of years.

The carefully curated wine shop is the memory of our winery. It grows with the generations and was last expanded in 2016. You can look forward to stimulating hours in the cosy tasting room. Discover excellent vintages going back to 1967, which also have a deep significance for us: Grüner Veltliners from 1983 and 1986 dating back to father Heinrich Weixelbaum; years celebrating births in the family; 1998, the first year with Heinz Weixelbaum at the helm; 2008, the Salon-winning Sauvignon Blanc, and many more… Call us at 02735/2269 or send us an e-mail and we will reserve a place for you at a delicious tasting. We will serve you personally and tell you our stories while you taste the flavour of the years.

We speak the local dialect, and our vineyards love it.

We listen carefully to Nature and speak with her in the language of the terroir – in the Strassetal dialect. We use our hands to feel how our vineyard and its vines are doing. Throughout the year, we sow plants like camomile, camelina, fennel, heliotrope and clover to provide food and habitat for bees and other small creatures. This vitalises the vineyard and the soil and sustainably secures the quality of the grapes. During the winter, the beneficial creatures can shelter at the “Insect Hotel Group Weixelbaum”, with locations in all our vineyards. Nature rewards us with plentiful life, and we return the thanks with plentiful cheer.

Manual labour, wood and time – our wines love it.

For the love of quality. The vineyards need manual labour, the cellars require knowledge and a large dose of gut feeling. With a great love for detail, we work to reflect the terroir with all its subtleties. Behind the scenes, gravity carries the grapes into the press and then further in free fall into the barrels. A glance at our cellars will tell you: we Weixelbaums are in love with wood. Alive, natural, fragrant, homely – that’s what we want for our wines until their time comes. Time – the most important tool in our cellar: time for the wine to ripen, to develop, to run riot and then gradually lose its rough edges. Our wines love it.